Single out PyCharm non-EAP

I am building a plugin that works everywhere I tested so far except stable PyCharm because we use an apache code library that is much newer than the 1.3 version PyCharm uses. Happily PyCharm EAP has updated the plugin and everything is great, but I don't want to create a bad experience for regular PyCharm users. I'm not sure how to exclude just PyCharm by version. I know I can do that based on an intellij version, but it's not intellij, it's the apache library only PyCharm has. I can exclude PyCharm completely but I don't want to do that because we have customers who use PyCharm and we ourselves use it, we just want to exclude PyCharm non-EAP.

Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe if it's possible to put a <depends> director for the apache library with a version. But the thing is most intellij editors don't have the library at all.

Or even better maybe we can force our version of the library to supercede the editors, although we haven't been successful with this.

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