JetGradle misconfiguring libraries

Hi all, I'm having some trouble importing and building projects with the JetGradle plugin. It appears that when JetGradle creates IDEA libraries for its various dependencies, it's sometimes having trouble finding the right archives containing the class files. In particular, after I import my project, some subset of the libraries IDEA creates only have source attachments, and do not have the jar file containing the class files attached. As an example, one of the dependencies pulled in is commons-lang, which is being pulled in (via gradle) from our organization's local ivy repository. If I do a find in


I find that the commons-lang jar has indeed been downloaded by gradle:


But for some reason, if I go to the libraries configuration for my projects, the "Gradle: commons-lang" library only has the "" file attached, and it's attached under Classes instead of Sources. As a result, my project doesn't build because the commons-lang classes aren't found. The same issue with only source being attached occurs with numerous other libraries.

Has anyone had any similar issues? My first thought was that perhaps JetGradle wasn't properly using the local gradle wrapper, since our organization uses a special gradle wrapper distribution with init scripts that point gradle to the local ivy repository and tells it what pattern to use when looking for artifacts, but, after experimenting, that doesn't seem to be the issue. Our ivy setup is a little bit strange, and I'm guessing that's where the issue is arising, but I'm hoping I can get things to work with JetGradle. For what it's worth, running "gradle eclipse" generates .classpath files which don't have the same issue.


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