ADL Invocation forwarded to primary instance

Hi guys,

i was wondering if it is a bug and if there is any workaround to it.
Almost every time i start my code in IDEA i get this error:

[AIR Debug Launcher]: invocation forwarded to primary instance

I have to kill the running adl process in order to start the app.

In the run configs i set "single isntance". I supposed that this setting is supposed to kill adl, everytime i start my code?

Thanks for any help.


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Are you sure you start the same run configuration twice?
I just checked once more and I observe correct behavior. When starting the same run config for the 2nd time I'm suggested to stop the previous session and rerun.
If you start different run configurations then 'Single instance' check box doesn't have any effect and AIR runtime says 'invocation forwarded to primary instance' - that's AIR behavior, not related to the IDE.

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Hello Alexander,

yes i start the same config twice. It seems to happen more frequently when i debug something then close the code from IDEA via the stop-symbol in the debugger rather than just losing the running ADL window itself. The adl process seems to "survive" this close-via-IDEA sometimes. This also happens frequently but not every time. I cant't figure out a pattern. Maybe this is somehow related to Mac OS?
A solution would be to add some sort of "kill adl" command in the "Before Launch" Box in the run configuration? Is there a simple way to do this?

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Normally 'Stop' button on the Debug tool window should kill adl process. You may file an issue if it is not always the case on Mac.
I suggest you to close emulator window in a standard way instead of IDE's Stop button.

Probably you can configure a before-launch task that would run external tool like 'killall adl'.


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