Artifacts in ActionScript Project


I am new to IDEA (developing in ActionScript) and am trying to set up a new artifact to do one simple thing: Complie all my modules and add some files into one dedicated "release"-folder.
I include the compile-output of the modules and a file. (see attached screenshot)

However when i build the artifact, only the file shows up in the output folder but not the SWFs for the output.

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Inclusion of 'module compile output' in the artifact works only if your build configuration has default output path like '.../out/production/ModuleName'. If you use any other output path like 'bin-debug' or whatever it won't work. So I suggest to configure output swf files as an individual files in the artifact (the same say as you added rtf), but not as a compiler output.


Thanks again Alexander, that solved my problem!


One more question still:  

Is there a possibility to make an eclipse-like release build?
("Generate debuggable SWF" is necessary for debugging to work properly. But for deploying it is bad, since the SWFs are significantly larger than non-debuggable ones. )

Is there a convenient way to define an artifact which would make release builds, instead of debug builds?
(I understand that i can define a "release"-build configuration and add the output of this to my artifact, but this has the problem, that i have to run "make project" in order to rebuild the release builds, since they are not used in development and usually not up-to date or even not yet compiled). Maybe there is a way to force build project before the artifact is being built?


By the way i have spent a couple of hours to go through all of IDEAs features and have to say i'm stunned about the amount of features i have been missing with eclipse the past 4 years. The IDE is simply amazing! Keep up the great work.


Non-debuggable SWF is created automatically only when creating AIR desktop or Mobile package (Build | Package AIR app).
For web-targeted apps you have either to switch 'Generate debuggable SWF' manually or configure a separate BC with the only difference in this flag.
There's no way to force build project before the artifact is being built, but there's a way to rebuild the artifact each time after you make the project (there's a corresponding check box in the artifact editor). Not exactly what you got used to. Well, there are always some things that can be done better in the IDE.


Thanks that's actually quite good, since the compilation is pretty fast ( ;


If you decide to create a BC clone - there's a 'Copy' button at the top of the Project Structure dialog. When BC is selected in the tree - this button clones the BC.


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