php xdebug in IntelliJ, have to setup with phpstorm first?

I had to re-build my development laptop this week due to a HD crash, and had to re-install my LAMP stack with debug. I spent 4hrs today trying to get php Xdebug to work through IntelliJ with no luck. UNTIL I decided to open up PhpStorm and try debugging with it. It worked on first try! then when I went back to IntelliJ php Xdebug worked.

So basically I tried to follow a similar process as this in IntelliJ, and it didn't work until I used PhpStorm. Now I can switch back n forth with no problem.

Is there something that phpStorm does that the php plugin doesn't do to set Xdebug listening up?

I develop in python & php so I use IntelliJ to debug them both together.

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