PsiUtil class from openapi missing in PhpStorm 10.0.2?

users of my plugin reported an issue: .
The class PsiUtil is missing. The class is available in the community edition and is in the openapi.jar.

My understanding was, that I can use all classes which are part of the openapi.

In PhpStorm this class is missing, though.

Which classes may be used by plugins to be compatible with all plattform applications?


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The PsiUtil class is part of the java-psi-api module. Java-related modules are only available in IntellJ IDEA, and not in the IDEs which don't include Java support, such as PhpStorm.

You can use classes from modules which are included in all IDEs (core-api/impl, platform-api/impl, lang-api/impl, xml-api/impl etc.).


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