emacsIDEAs plugin release announcement

Hi guys,

   I am glad to let you know emacsIDEAs plugin 1.1 is now released.   

   it's a plugin to porting some great extensions of emacs to Intellij IDEA. such as AceJump, CopyWithoutSelection.

   Currently AceJump is supported.
   Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 6.28.19 PM.png

  Basic Usage:

  • Normal jump demo      C-L char

  • Jump to line end         C-L space

   type space to show line end.

  • Jump and Copy         C-L char c marker_char

   after markers show up, type 'c' to copy jump area.

  • Jump and Paste        C-L char p marker_char

   after markers show up, type 'p' to paste clipboard contents to jump target position.

  • Jump and Cut           C-L char  x marker_char

   after markers show up, type x before marker_char to cut jump area.

  • During jump, type ESC to exit.


     Preferences... --> Plugins --> Browse repositories -> search "emacsIDEAs" to install 




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Recently we have added more changes to the emacsIDEAs plugins.

1. more intuitive shortcut for Acejump.

    Separate AceJump copy,cut,select command:

  • C-i C-c 't' 'm' : Copy jump area
  • | C-i C-c means type C-i then continue type C-c
  • C-i C-x 't' 'm' : Cut jump area
  • C-i C-s 't' 'm' : Select jump area
  • C-i C-f 't' 'm' : Basic Jump alias

2. more copyWithoutSelection range indicator

   Copy without selection:

  • C-c w : Copy word
  • C-c s : Copy string
  • C-c l : Copy line
  • C-c b : Copy block between balanced { and }
  • C-c q : Copy quoted, such as abcd in "abcd"
  • C-c a : Copy to line beginning
  • C-c A : Copy to file beginning
  • C-c e : Copy to line end
  • C-c E : Copy to file end
  • C-c p : Copy paragraph
  • C-c u : Copy to paragraph begining
  • C-c d : Copy to paragraph end
  • C-c ' ' (w | s | l | q | a | A | e | E | p | u | d) : Type one space to cut related area
  • C-c ' ' ' ' (w | s | l | q | a | A | e | E | p | u | d) : Type two space to select related area

3. new Highlight symbol function. with this action you can jump to next occurrence of current under caret word directly.  

    Highlight symbol:

  • C-, : hightlight-symbol-prev | Jump to prev occurrence of symbol that around caret
  • C-. : hightlight-symbol-next | Jump to next occurrence of symbol that around caret

Any feedbacks you can submit to https://jinshuju.net/f/51440e0b24290a4e8c017cce


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I did not quite understand how that works (i never used emacs). Is there any video which explains the whole procedure of acejump and copywithoutselection?


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