Python plugin; django, remote sdk and project location. help setting up

I'm new to using IDE's and picked up Intellij when it when on super sale. Now I'm trying to figure this thing out...

My setup is a ubuntu server that I connect to from a windows 7 machine. I then edit files via sublime text. typically i'll set up a project via command line on the server... setting up the virtualenv, etc. That machine serves as my development environment, while my laptop is what i use to access that.

So that is really my problem... how do I continue working how I've worked before, but while using Intellij? I've read the PyCharm page on setting up a django project, and that would probably work wonderfully if I was using my laptop for everything.

Has anyone had success using intellij to work remotely?

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First, you need to go to Settings | Deployment, set up a server pointing to your Ubuntu server and configure the mapping between local and remote files. (You'll be editing a local copy of your code, and IntelliJ IDEA will automatically synchronize your changes to the server).

Then you need to go to Project Structure | SDKs, add a Python SDK, select the "Remote..." option and configure the SSH connection parameters and the path to Python on the remote host.


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