scala debugger doesn't show variable in pattern match?

I didn't check if this is true for all pattern matches, but it is true that when I set a break point in a catch block as shown below

try {

   throw new Exception("test")

} catch {

   case e => {

      println(e)  // <--- break point here



I don't see the variable e in the variables tools window as the program stops at the break point.    Is this a known problem?  I am running JDK1.6.0_24, IC-123.72 and scala plugin 0.6.371

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This is expected behaviour for debugger.

Compiler doesn't generate value for 'e', it can just inline it (in case of single usage). That's why it's unavailable in debugger.
We will probably implement it, but not in the nearest future.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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