Setting up GWT in IntelliJ Idea - Explain away the old stuff e.g GWT Image Bundle

I understand that IntelliJ has good support for GWT although it seems impossible to find out what version of GWT Support is installed in my IntelliJ Idea software.
Version 11.1

I currenly see in my list of Plug-ins:
GWT ImageBundle  - What exactly is this seeminly outdated plug-in?  What is its most current corresponding repository URL. For that matter where do I get such URLs
GWT Support  - Is this no longer a plug-in?  Most important how do I determine what version of GWT Compiler that is loaded within the IDE??
How do I see things play out / log files etc... for the GWT Compiler??

Perhaps a better understanding of things is in order:
Do I still need to do something like:
and if not how do I determine the version of the GWT sdk being used? How doI update that version to a specific one say version 2.4 GWT SDK???
Much of this GWT configuration remains unclear,

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'GWT ImageBundle' is a third-party plugin and it seems to be outdated.

'GWT Support' plugin is developed by JetBrains and bundled with the Ultimate Edition of IntelliJ IDEA. You can get a new version of 'GWT Support'
plugin only with a new version of IDEA so the version of the plugin is determined by the version of IDEA.

The blog post mentioned by you describes how to work with GWT projects using the free Community Edition of IDEA which doesn't include 'GWT Support'

The procedures required to enable and set up GWT support in IDEA are described at our help site

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