Can't install the PHP plugin

Ok, this is driving me crazy, I've destroyed a couple things and wasted about an hour or 2 trying to fix this, frankly moronic, problem.

I had v11.0.2 installed and the PHP plugin, v111.344 I think, installed. It was working great, loved it.

I had v11.1.1 installed opened it and got the patch for 11.1.2 popup so I installed it then tried to install the newest php plugin on it. Went through the normal process of installing it and restarted it and nothing. Kept saying the pluging wasnt installed.

Went back to v11.0.2 and the plugin has gone from that now I get some really really stupid error saying it hasnt been installed. With some URL in it and something about a filename, a directory name blah blah.

Now I'm stuck and now clue what to do.

As I'm writing this I'm really having to restrain myself from venting and filliing this with nothing but swear words. So if it doesnt make sense in place its becuase I cant be bothered to proof read it.


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Ok, just installed it manually and its work.


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