Odd Ruby on Rails behavior

For lack of a better title,....

I'm currently experiencing weird behavior with Ruby on Rails.
Normally when you run a RoR project in development mode and you make changes to the controller or views, these changes should be loaded immediatly when you refresh the page. Cannot express how handy this is when setting up your CSS etc.

However, when I run my projects in Development and fire them up through IntelliJ, those changes are not seen in the application. I have to kill the server and restart after every change to see the results on the page.
When I wait long enough between page loads, I do see the changes make it through without restarting the server.

Is this causes by IntelliJ/Ruby plugin, or this more of an assets issue in Rails 3?
I have set up the development environment.rb file to not cache anything etc, but it doesnt seem to make a difference.

I've also noticed that regardless if you have an rvmrc file to use a specific version and gemset, your IDE will still install the gems in the @global gemset, and not the gemset specified by the .rvmrc file.

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