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I have a custom module which is really just a Java module that has a predefined project structure, an initial class, and some initial libraries.  I can add libraries to the module programatically (mostly) fine, but when I go to the Module Settings -> Library and add a library to the module it does not get added.  

My CustomModuleBuilder only overrides

setupRootModel (and it calls the JavaModuleBuilder.setupRootModel at the end)
A few interesting things I noticed as well that might be contributing
1) Under Module Settings -> Modules my custom modules gives a blank screen, as opposed to the Java modules which give Sources/Paths/Dependencies. 
In my I tied overriding the createWizardSteps/modify and returing StdModuleTypes.Java methods, but it did not change anything.

2)  In the module.iml it does not show the added libraries

3) If I go to Module Settings -> Libraries and try and remove the module it warns me that my custom module is using the library.

4) If I call ModuleRootManager.getInstance(source).orderEntries().forEachLibrary it does not find the libraries I attempted to add.

Is there usually an obvious cause for this? What paths are taken when adding a library via the GUI?  I'm kind of at a loss where to investigate next.


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if your module is really a Java module you shouldn't set a custom module type for it. IDEA checks module type in many places, and it indeed doesn't
show Sources/Paths/Dependencies tabs for non-java modules (because it makes no sense to specify e.g. output paths for ruby or python modules). You may
still use your own CustomModuleBuilder to create a initial structure and setup the project, but it should return StdModuleTypes.JAVA from
getModuleType method so the created module will be treated as a regular java module.

Nikolay Chashnikov
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