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Is it possible to create (a plugin that that provides) a custom macro in File > Settings > Tools > External Tools > Create Tool > Insert Macro ?

I see that all macros there extend com.intellij.ide.macro.Macro and I already created myne to extend it as well. However there should be a way to register it to be displayed in the UI.
The problem is that the default macros are registered within MacroManager.registerMacro() which is a private method and I can not use it. Perhaps I have to use plugin.xml somehow?

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Add a line to plugin.xml:
<macro implementation="Full class name of your implementation"/>

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Hi Vassiliy,

thanks, but I already tried that without success. The problem is that IDEA tries to register my macro with internal call to MacroManager.registerMacro(), which first has a check if the macro is one of several predefined once:

assert PathMacrosImpl.getToolMacroNames().contains(macro.getName()) : "Macro '" + macro.getName() + "' should be registered in PathMacros!";

(see details here:

So far the only way I found to overcome this is to name my macro as one of the macros predefined in PathMacrosImpl.getToolMacroNames(), which is actually a hack.
So looking at this assert statement, it looks like creating custom macros is not currently supported. I was curious if anyone in the forum has achived this.

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I've logged an issue regarding this topic. Please feel free to vote for it.



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