Gradle UI Plugin

I just started using Gradle about a month ago and the Gradle UI  plugin today.  It's a really nice plugin - and one I'd recommend  JetBrains adopt or emulate whenever Gradle suppport is added to IDEA's  settings.

First Q: Is this forum where I should post questions about third-party plugins listed in the Available plugins tab of the Plugins dialog?

If the answer to that Q is yes, I have a couple of Qs about Gradle UI:

1)  After adding a description to a task and refreshing, the description  for the task isn't showing up in the Gradle UI Tool window.  For  example, here's a task definition I'm using:

task syncDependencies(dependsOn: compileJava, type: Sync) {
     description = 'Sync dependency libs in compileDependenciesDir'
     into "$compileDependenciesDir"
     from configurations.compile - configurations.containerProvided

2) I'd love to change the font in the output. Is there a way for the plugin user to easily do that?

Thanks for a useful plugin.


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Hi madjack,

There are little chances that third-party plugin authors monitor this forum, so, I'm tending to answer 'no' to the first question.

Regarding Gradle integration - it will be provided as a part of our product. Feel free to watch IDEA-53476.

Ability to change console font will be provided at the v.11 - IDEA-11733. You can build Community Edition from the sources and use it right now.

Regards, Denis

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Thanks for the help


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