Getting contents of suggestion list

We are trying to make a plugin and one of the features we are trying to impliment involves us getting the location and text content of suggestions provided to the user in the IDE. After Searching around the API, the closest thing we found to a listener for these suggestions is the class. We tried to impliment the listener rougly as follows:

public EditorHintListener hintListener = new EditorHintListener() { public void hintShown(Project project, LightweightHint hint, int flags) {
      public void hintShown(Project project, LightweightHint hint, int flags) { 

ApplicationManager.getApplication().getMessageBus().connect().subscribe(EditorHintListener.TOPIC, hintListener);

After testing with some print statements, we managed to get our listener to trigger when the user is given a suggestion. But whenever we try to gather the contents of the LightweightHint hint from the listener, it seems like all the contents of hints we are getting are empty or null. Wonder if anyone has any advice they could give us or could tell us that we are completely barking up the wrong tree with this method of hint gathering?

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