JavaScript support is very limited when using Ext JS 4

The IDE support given by IntelliJ is of very limited use when developing with Ext JS 4.

I've outlined the problem below.


The correct way to define/extend a class in Ext JS 4 is:

Ext.define('mypackage.MyClass', {
    extends: 'otherpackage.OtherClass',
    mixins: { ... },

Also instances are created this way:

var myClass = Ext.create('mypackage.MyClass', { ... });

The usage of strings (instead of objects/variables) prevents the IDE from navigating between instance and definition of the class and also makes the renaming/refactoring tools useless.

This also applies to the xtype and type properties when creating or configuring components.

Possible Solution

1. Step: Teach IntelliJ to understand Ext.define() and Ext.create()
2. Step: Do the same for xtypes and types

Feature Request

Ive added a feature request here:

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