Can no longer parse AndroidManifest.xml

After restarting IntelliJ IDEA 10 CE this morning I've been unable to build or debug my Android project.

If I try to build the project I get an error on the Android manifest (AndroidManifest.xml) stating "Cannot parse file". When I edit the manifest the Android schema URL is red because it doesn't point to a file (which is supposed to be fine). If I ignore that URL in the Resources settings then it says the manifest tag is unknown, and I have to add xmlns="" to the manifest tag to placate the parser. At this point there are no more visible problems in the manifest, but it still refuses to parse.

I'm stuck here and I have no idea how to proceed. I've only been using IDEA for a few weeks so please excuse me if I've missed something obvious or fundamental.

Right now I have no choice but to re-install Eclipse and use that for the time being. Please save me, I cannot stand Eclipse. :(

Thanks for your time!

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