[ANN] Lua 0.9.51

As I am approaching the 1.0 release after almost 1 year of working on this plugin, I have hit an important milestone. All planned features have been implemented to one degree or another. Some still need some debugging and usability testing, or are not completely implemented. I'd love any feedback you may have.

There are loads of pictures here on the wiki page: http://bitbucket.org/sylvanaar2/lua-for-idea/wiki/Home

Here's an (incomplete) feature list:

Lua language integration

  1. Basic Completions Experimental
  2. Multiple documentation providers Experimental
  3. Resolving Globals  Experimental
  4. Custom API Support Experimental
  5. Function Information via Quickhelp Experimental
  6. Hilighting of Upvalues and Fields Experimental
  7. Goto Symbol
  8. Safe Delete Experimental
  9. Rename Identifier Experimental
  10. Quick Documentation
  11. JavaHelp For Lua 5.1
  12. Execution in the Kahlua interpreter
  13. Identifier Highlighter
  14. Go to definition
  15. find usages
  16. Code formatting
  17. Keyword completion
  18. 5 code intentions(s)
  19. 6 code inspection(s)
  20. Highlighting global vs local variables
  21. Script execution and run configurations
  22. Kahlua interpreter window for interactive script execution (repl)
  23. Comes with an embedded Lua compiler written in Java (Kahlua)
  24. Structure view
  25. Syntax checking
  26. Syntax highlighting - including proper handling of extended syntax comments and quotes
  27. Customizable highlighting colors
  28. Code folding for code blocks and comments
  29. Brace Matching for do blocks, long strings and comments, and (, { , [
  30. Minor feature: comment in/out.

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