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i'm trying to piece together the way versioning of tags in the various JetBrains repositories works. I'm working off of two repositories, and We are building a customizer IntelliJ IDEA community edition and try to work off of the release builds.

The last release build we've based our custom build on was 143.381.27, which as far as i understood is the release build version of IntelliJ IDEA CE 15. We now want to upgrade to a newer version that has a fix for a critical bug ( I'd assume that i want a patch release of the same major/minor version, e.g. idea/143.381.51. However, this tag is 9 days old, and it doesn't appear that the fix for 145415 is being back ported to that line of IE. I have the option of using idea/143.382.26, but that has an increased minor version. I could also use idea/143.747.1. I'm unsure which one would be fitting or what the difference is.

So, my question is: what do the 3 numbers of the version tags mean? How do i know which is the new version that's being worked on?


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The first number is the branch number. Right now we have two active development branches, 143 (for IDEA 15.0.x) and 144 (for what will become IDEA 15.1).

The second number is the build number, normally incremented daily or whenever someone runs the installers build manually.

The third number is,essentially, the number of the current attempt to release the build. For every build that is going to be published as a EAP or release build, we create a branch, and integrate critical fixes to that branch. Normally (when the build is not the final release build of a major version), the third number remains a single-digit number.

If you want to work off release builds, wait until a build is released, and then you'll know the exact number.


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