Web Services - Wsdl url connection exception for SSL url

I have a web service (JAX-WS) that needs to be under SSL. It is running under Tomcat in my development environment and I have a working client. I can access the WSDL via both HTTP(80) and HTTPS(443) from the browser. I can generate the client code successfully from the HTTP url, but not the HTTPS URL. The SSL certificate on my local tomcat is, of course, self-signed. I have imported the certificate into IDEAs JRE certificate store (correctly, I think).

Is there any way to get more information about what is failing? The status message doen't give much to go on. Since I KNOW the WSDL url is valid (I can see it in my browser), I doubt there is really a connection exception. Can we see the full execption and stack trace somewhere?

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