Coverage plugin isn't merging and omitting classes in HTML results


Idea 9.0.2's code coverage tool under Windows 7 isn't generating merged coverage reports when we think we have the correct settings defined in IDEA. We have the below settings defined in a TestNG configuration (Code Coverage tab) that we want to merge with another configuration that generated coverage results.

- Record code coverage runner: > IDEA
- Tracing > Track per test coverage
- Merge gathered coverage with suite chosen below > <config> Coverage Results
- Under "Packages and classes to record coverage data," we have our class that we want coverage statistics for (com.package.*).

Are we missing a setting?

Also, the IDEA generated coverage HTML reports don't include classes that are not covered by a test, but IDEA itself does include classes that are not touched in its code coverage statistics. Is there a way to configure IDEA to generate code coverage HTML reports that include all classes under a package?


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looks like a bug. Please watch

Thank you


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