[Ann] BashSupport 0.9.12-maia

Hi there,
a new update for BashSupport is available now at the usual location.

The changes:

  • Fixed parsing of for loops with optional command end  after a command group
  • Fixed static evaluation quickfix to offer result  for "$(((1+2)))"
  • Performance improvements, especially for offline  code analysis
  • Cached oftenly performed calculation in arithmetic  evaluation
  • Integrated custom exception reporting tool by  Etienne Studer
  • "Add shebang" quickfix is not displayed for a  script in the Bash REPL
  • Shortcut "Ctrl+Enter" for the repl console run  action
  • Slightly Improved error reporting
  • Parser improvements for function definitions
  • Properly resetting PSI element caches now
  • Improved parsing of composed arithmetic number  literals (e.g. 123$a)
  • Hex, octal and custom-base literals in arithmetic  expressions
  • Variable name completion in evaluating heredocs
  • Improved some inspection/quickfix messages
  • Improved evaluation of static arithmetic  expressions
  • Improved parser (correctly parses "a=1 ((1))" now)
  • Less error markers in faulty case commands
  • Fixed error marker handling, no large red blocks  any more
  • Inspection to detect invalid filedescriptors (only  the range &0 to &9 is valid)
  • Support for the % operator in arithmetic  expressions
  • The quick documentation lookup (Ctrl+Q) now tries                to read the current system's info page for an external  command,                if it is available (needs the commands "info" in the  path,                optionally "txt2html" to turn the plain text into html).
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Winning awards is going to your head, eh? Well, keep up the good work!




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