Scala plugin should resolve compiler from pom.xml

The scala plugin can fill the Scala SDK Library with the library that's used in your pom.xml. I.e. /home/g/.m2/repository/org/scala-lang/scala-library/2.8.0.RC1/scala-library-2.8.0.RC1.jar

Why can't it do the same with the Scala Compiler Library? It could have figured out for example that I was depending on RC1 and hence resolve it to

We're having to ask people to download Scala and set the compiler manually (


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Maybe I'm missing something, but that's exactly how it works for me.
I update the version in my pom.xml, and after that the new compiler is used.

Perhaps you've checked the checkbox in the scala module facet (by mistake), the one that allows you to force usage of the compiler/library packaged with the plugin?

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I'm not sure I understand what you mean. For the scala plugin to work, you need to have "Use Scala compiler..." checkbox and IntelliJ automatically fills it in with:

Scala Compiler Library:

Scala SDK Library:

I don't see any preference to dictate where the compiler library comes from.

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If you don't check the checkbox, I think IDEA will find a compiler from your project libraries.

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If I don't checkbox it, IntelliJ says that it cannot find a scala compiler :|

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I just took a second look at my project.

The "User Scala compiler libraries" from specified jars is indeed checked.
However, for me the Scala plugin seems to autoconfigure it from the Scala compiler/library defined in my pom.xml

I just tried updating my pom.xml (which imports both scala-compiler as well as scala-library).
After re-importing the pom.xml, the Scala facet in IDEA was successfully updated, both the "Scala compiler library" as well as the "Scala SDK library" now point to the RC2 versions in my local maven repo.

Perhaps you forgot to re-import your pom.xml?


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