Tags for IDEA-Releases?

I just wanted to make an SDK for IDEA 14.1.5 (aka 141.2735 according to the about dialog, 141.2735.5 according to the directory name of the distribution). As usual, the source code of this release doesn't seen to be tagged in the git repo. Sometimes, there is actually a tag, mostly, however, there isn't.

This annoys me for a long time now, again and again and again. I'd just like to have an SDK for plugin development, i.e. a distribution of a stable release and the matching source code. I can build it myself (I usually do, actually), but I'd like to use a release for testing and debugging plugins, not some random work-in-progress HEAD.

There must be some system to reproduce exactly the source code matching a release, but I can't find anyting, even the information in the about dialog seems to be wrong or incomplete.

What am I missing?

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You are missing the tags, which are in fact available for all builds of IDEA. https://github.com/JetBrains/intellij-community/tree/idea/141.2735.5

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Oh, well. I didn't realize that need to use 'git fetch --tags' to get all the tags. But thanks!

BTW, many tags are missing on github, too. They're not missing, github's search for tags is just not very useful.


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