Kotlin 13.1514 not compatible with the Community Edition

Hey, I'm just starting out in developing a plugin, and building the community edition was failing with some error message about Kotlin. IntelliJ gave me a link to click on to fix it, but I got the error "Shouldn't be called for updating same file".

The solution was to uninstall the latest kotlin (13.1514) and download 13.1513 from https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6954?pr= and install that plugin's .zip into IntelliJ.

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This is actually an incompatibility of Kotlin with itself, not with the Community Edition. The build 0.13.1514 was built incorrectly and includes different versions of the compiler and the plugin, which causes this message to appear. You can ignore the message and use this version of the plugin for compiling Community Edition.


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