Code Matric plugin


I am looking for a Code Metric Plugin on Intellij IDE, which can provide the following info

1. Total Java Code Lines,
     - Excluding nomal Comments
     - Exculding Java Doc Comments
     - Excluding braces ( i.e {, }) at least one of them should be avoided in case it is bookish style formationg
2. Max and Min size classes at packages and entiere code level
3. Total Object Fields
4. Total Object Methods
5. Total Static Fields
6. Total Static methods
7. Total Method Parameters (for static and object methods)
8. Most significatly used class, field or constant at modules, package and entiere project level

I would appricate any other opensource products, which could be used as start point for Intellij Plugin too.

Raja Nagendra Kumar,

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Have you looked at either of these:

Randall Schulz

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Thank You Randall ...

I am trying trying to use these but does not seem to work fine on Intellij 9.0.

In all what I asked seem to be achivable though Structural Search.

Can any expect provide the structural search patterns to all my needs. I am finding it difficult to get to understand the patterns.
Any points to a good document would also be appriciated.



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