[ANN] Database Navigator 3.0.1753 released

A new version of Database Navigator plugin is available (3.0.1753)


Main new feature is the CLOB editor with content type selector. The feature is still experimental and is currently working only for Oracle. For MySQL, the clobs are only visible but can not be edited. Additionally, compatibility issues that prevented from using the plugin with WebIDE and RubyMine have bin fixed.

Plugin builds are available for IntelliJ 8.1 as well as for 9.0 (IU and CE), for both JRE5 and 6. See plugin repository page for more details.

Please feel free to report any issues in the dedicated request tracker:


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I tried the CLOB functionality out on our Oracle DB. !
I didn't edit the contents but just being able to read the contents is HUGE !

Thanks !!!

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Well with Oracle you can edit the content as well. Even for BLOBs, though I am not sure if that really makes sense.

But i advise you to get the latest version 3.0.1757. This contains some fixes in this area.

I removed the version 3.0.1573 initially published in this thread.

One more hint, the LOB editor can be used also for editing large varchar values. You just need to set the threshold in Data Editor configuration (by default set to 300 i think). Normally a very basic editor popup appears for any kind of literal value. But this has no content-type selector, and of course no highlighting as the LOB editor does.


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