[ANN] Database Navigator 3.0.1658 released (PL/SQL Debugger)

A new version of Database Navigator plugin is available (3.0.1658)


The main achievement in this release is the Oracle PL/SQL debugger.

The debugger wraps the Oracle DBMS_DEBUG package, and supports most of the features a debugger should offer:

- setting and removing breakpoints before and during debug process

- breaking/resuming execution: step over, step into, step out, run to breakpoint, run to cursor

- viewing and changing variable values on suspended execution

It currently supports only local debugging, i.e. the execution of the debugged subject (method/script) must be triggered in, and is controlled by the plugin environment. JDWP debugging will be probably supported in the future.

Pending features: navigable execution stack, expression evaluation, script debugging

The debugger is still in experimental phase, so you may experience hanging sessions and program execution not breaking where expected.

Also note that you need certain privileges to run the debugger on a given database. You will be guided through the prerequisites on each debug run. You may need to ask your database administrator for certain debugging privileges.

Plugin builds are available for IntelliJ 8.1 as well as for 9.0 (IU and CE), for both JRE5 and 6. See plugin repository page for more details.

Please feel free to report any issues in the dedicated request tracker:


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Any chance to get java based stored procs debuging?

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well i am not sure if this is supported by DBMS_DEBUG. I probably need to hook into the JVM of oracle to debug java based SPs. And i don't think this is possible over a jdbc connection. So unless oracle provides a handle like dbms_debug for Java based stored procedures, i am afraid this is not possible.

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Recommended upgrade!

Have released new version (3.0.1715) as replacement for the buggy version 3.0.1658.

Version 3.0.1658 is no longer available.

Additional features in this version:

- support for PL/SQL DECLARE blocks

- support for PL/SQL code in SQL files

- execution stack frames for PL/SQL debugger

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Patched again (3.0.1718) for IJ 8.0. The plugin code completion engine was overruling all the other providers. Code competion in other files than SQL was not working.

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Released yet another version (3.0.1741), containing some enhancements to the PL/SQL debugger and small bug fixes.

Watchers and expression evaluators are now supported, though only variables and parameters can be evaluated, no complex expressions (this is a limitation of the underlying DBMS_DEBUG )


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