HttpConfigurable does not offer any API to request the "No Proxy for:" entry

Intellij IDEA confguration allow a number of hosts to be excluded from using the proxy. The field is called "No Proxy For" in the GUI

The class HttpConfigurable does not offer any API to get to this fields, and plugins that require internet access cannot use this in order to resolve dependencies that might lie in an internal Nexus (not resolvable by the proxy)

Please make the "No proxy for" field available


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Hello Ulon,

you can use this method: com.intellij.util.proxy.CommonProxy#noProxy
(or com.intellij.util.proxy.CommonProxy#removeNoProxy to remove proxy exclusion)

CommonProxy instance is responsible for applying proxy rules for every http connection inside IDEA platform.
Using common static proxy server is essential because of JDK's way to implement proxying through


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