Problem with 0xDBE.jar


I'm trying to develop a plugin for IntelliJ using 0xDBE API. I created a new plugin project in IntelliJ and added 0xDBE.jar (from 0xDBE/lib directory) as a library. Unfortunately, I'm getting a lot of errors like the following ones:

java.lang.ClassCastException: com.intellij.database.psi.DbPsiFacadeImpl cannot be cast to com.intellij.database.psi.DbPsiFacade

I guess it's because of issues with class loader and having same classes in two different jars. How should I access 0xDBE functionality? How should I setup my project?

My IntelliJ IDEA version is 14.1.4 (141.1532) and 0xDBE version is 142.4861.1.


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You'll need to add any 3rd party plugin JAR to your SDK, not as library. See

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Thanks, that works. I completely missed that part of documentation :(


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