[ANN] Osmorc for IDEA 8 Release 0.14.0

Yesterday we released version 0.14.0 for IDEA 8. This release contains nearly all of the features and bugfixes we've done for the bundled IDEA 9 version we've been developing since early May.

Here's the changelog:

- Merged Equinox Run config into OSGi Bundles run config.
- QuickFix that registers a Bundle Activator in the manifest file or Osmorc facet configuration.
- Osmorc facet detection now only requires that a manifest file contains a Bundle-SymbolicName.
- Osmorc now makes sure that a manifest file is not readonly before trying to change it.
- Bundle compiler has been rewritten and now supports bnd files much better.
- Facet configuration dialog has received a rework to make it more intuitive to use.
- Lots of smaller bugfixes.

This will most likely be the last Osmorc release for IDEA 8.


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