Ant replace task doesn't run


I have a problem with the ant plugin in Idea 8.1. I am using a complex ant script to build the project which works just fine from command line. The same script doesn't work when run from Idea. It always blocks at a classic ant "replace" task. I even told it to use the same ant environment I was using in command line and still nothing.. Any ideas?

Here is the task in question:

                property="connection.url.${environment}" />
                property="connection.driver_class.${environment}" />
                property="connection.username.${environment}" />
                   property="connection.password.${environment}" />
                   property="dialect.${environment}" />           

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I am having the same problem in Idea 8.1.3 and in Idea 9M1.  Does anybody have an idea as to what is going on?  I am using ant 1.7.1.


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