IdeaVIM questions

Hello, I have a few questions about IdeaVIM.

1.  When I do an inline rename refactor of a variable, IdeaVIM works fine.  But when I try to undo this with "u", its behaviour is unpredictible.

Say I have the following. 
    int myCount = 1;

Refactor by inserting a character:
    int myXCount = 1;

Undo with "u" correctly returns it to its original state.

However if I try to do a Rename refactor by deleting the "X" character in the above with "x"
    int myCount = 1;

then when I undo with "u" it only changes back some of the instances.
    int myCount = 1;

2.  Ctrl-o/Ctrl-i are extremely convenient when navigating through code, however when used in conjunction with non-VIM navigation (such as Go To Super Method, Go To Class, etc.), ctrl-o seems to jump somewhere totally unexpected.  Is this a limitation of IntelliJ's navigation record?

To reproduce:
a. Put the cursor on a class definition ("Task" below)
  Task task;

b. Type "gf" and you go directly to the Task definition:
  public interface Task {

c. Press ctrl-o and you're brought back to the original line

d. Now try the same thing by ctrl-clicking the Task class name

e. You're again brought directly to the Task definition

f.  Press ctrl-o and you go somewhere completely random (at least I can't figure out why it brings you wherever it chooses).

The IdeaVIM navigation jumping is so much better, remembering the exact line you were on.  Is there any way to get this working for these other navigations?

3.  I don't suppose there would be any chance of adding support for i_ctrl-p/i_ctrl-n?  This is such a great feature of vim and I do miss it.



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