[ANN] Commit Log 1.1 Available

Commit Log 1.1 available via the Plugin Manager

New in this version:

  • Commit comment generation now implemented.

A new 'Generate comment' button is now available next to the 'Message
History' button in the commit dialog which will append file information
to the current commit comment, easing per-file commenting.

Also, if you have the latest version of the Changes Bar plugin installed
(>=1.7.7), a generate comment button will also be placed next to the
Message History button on the Changes toolwindow comment editor.

About the plugin

Creates a commit log for each commit executed, according to a user
defined template.

This is mainly aimed at those of us who have a non-vcs integrated issue
tracking system (e.g. bugzilla) and who want to record exact details of
associated commits within their issue updates.

However, at present the plugin generates a simple textual log, based on
a user-defined template, so this can be used for any purpose required,
such as emailing or placing into documents.

Ultimately it is intended to implement automated actions to be performed
post commit, e.g. for integration with issue trackers, or emailing of logs.

Settings can be edited on a per-project basis in Project Settings|Commit

Further refinement and features are planned. Any ideas, comments or bug
reports welcome. You can file issues online at

To Do:

  • Allow automated actions to be defined for execution using the

generated commit log.

  • Improve template editing.

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