How to add additional options to the move and rename file dialogs?

Is it possible to add other checkboxes to the refactoring dialog for both move and rename operations on files? I would like to do different operations based on user input when they try to move/rename a file.


What kind of operations? If there's something else you optionally need to rename, you can use the AutomaticRenamerFactory API.



I'm basically scanning for dependencies on the file being moved and updating references to it in other (JavaScript) files. I'm targeting a specific framework and IntelliJ's default behavior doesn't take this into account, so I provide it in the plugin.

The problem is this process is slow and so I want the user to be able to check "yes do this slow process and update the references correctly" or be able to avoid it.


> AutomaticRenamerFactory API.

Dmitry, could you give some detail about AutomaticRenamerFactory, please? What is its usual use case?


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