Using the existing Find Usage toolwindow

I'm working on UI part of plugin that searches for usages in class files of java libraries (they can be both local and remote). I have a question about showing of founded usages.

Is it possible to add search results of plugin to Find Usages that built into intellij IDEA? I would like to merge results of searching an element in the project to which this element belongs and results of searching in some libraries.   

Currently usages in project can be showed as described here I don't know what to do to show usages in libs like in built in Find Usages (for example, i want usage to belongs to certain type of usage: value read, new instance creation, etc.; or package name to be shown...) Is it possible to make at least showing type of usages?

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If you want your plugin to contribute additional usages to the results of the standard "Find Usages" operation, you can add an extension to the com.intellij.referencesSearch extension point. You can find many examples of such extensions in the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition source code.


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