[ANN] Osmorc 0.7.0

This is most likely the last release for IDEA 7. The next one will be for IDEA 8.

Here are the features of this release:

  • Running of Bundles in Eclipse Equinox

  • Running of Eclipse Equinox applications and products

  • It is now possible to specify additional files and folders that are copied into the generated bundle jars.

  • Osmorc now can handle modules with multiple content roots.

  • Improved bundle dependency resolver that is used when the manifest files are generated by Osmorc.

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Thanks Robert,

I've just started reading the (in-development) OSGI book by Neil Bartlett (http://neilbartlett.name/blog/osgibook/), so this release is very timely for me.
Is there a full list of features available (in addition to what's new in 0.7)?
Is Apache Felix supported?

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Hi Taras,

As of now there is no complete list of features. But it's probably a good idea to create one. For the time being, the only way to find out what features are implemented, you'll have to read the changelog and have a look at the documentation.

Felix is supported. At least in a way. You can define a framework instance of this type and you can run your bundles against it. You can also compile your bundles against it. Osmorc will create dependencies on Felix bundles when you add them to your manifest.

There's one problem though: In the framework bundle of Felix - felix.jar - many packages are defined as Private-Package. Among others there's org.osgi.framework, which contains for example the BundleActivator-class. So Osmorc will not define a module dependency on this bundle when you add "org.osgi.framework" in your Import-Package header of your bundle's manifest file and you won't be able to compile a class that is a subclass of BundleActivator when using Felix. I think that's a bug on Felix' side. It should be in Export-Package.



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