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I've added framework support for my Facet that I've created so you can check the frameworks box in the project wizard and it will add the framework to the project. However I can't figure out how to add the settings panel below the additional frameworks box in the project wizard. I would also like to make the facet checked by default for that particular module I'm using.

Here's a screenshot of the spring module with the default facet selected and with the options displayed below the additional frameworks so you can get a better idea of what I'm talking about. I've looked through a bunch of other plugins, but I'm having a hard time finding an example.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 7.10.42 AM.png

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I figured out how to do this. In addition to created a class that extends FrameworkSupportProvider you also need to add a FrameworkSupportConfigurable class.

The class looks like this.

public class MyrameworkSupportConfigurable extends FrameworkSupportConfigurable {
    MyFrameworkSupportConfigurablePanel myFrameworkSupportConfigurablePanel;

    public DWFrameworkSupportConfigurable(FrameworkSupportModel model) {
        // This line enabled the framework by default
        model.setFrameworkComponentEnabled("myFrameworkID", true);

        myFrameworkSupportConfigurablePanel = new MyFrameworkSupportConfigurablePanel();

    public JComponent getComponent() {
        return MyFrameworkSupportConfigurablePanel.createPanel();

    public void addSupport(@NotNull Module module, @NotNull ModifiableRootModel modifiableRootModel, @Nullable Library library) {
        final FacetManager facetManager = FacetManager.getInstance(module);
        ModifiableFacetModel facetModel = facetManager.createModifiableModel();

        // UI Stuff with your JComponent, Settings updates... 

        Facet facet = FacetManager.getInstance(modifiableRootModel.getModule()).addFacet(MyFacetType.INSTANCE, "FacetTypeID", null);

In your FrameworkSupportProvider overide the following method

public FrameworkSupportConfigurable createConfigurable(@NotNull FrameworkSupportModel model) {
    return new MyFrameworkSupportConfigurable(model);

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