How to debug a plugin in customized version of PyCharm?


We're creating a plugin for PyCharm CE to support an in-house code execution/version control system. We discovered that some core components involved do not support extension and have decided to make a fork of your repository and customize some necessary features.
However it's not clear how to build this customized PyCharm version and debug a plugin in it. So far we have tried build.xml and build/update.cmd, which replaces installed IDEA with built one, but this seems to be configured to work with IDEA only.
Could you please give some hints how to build PyCharm and configure plugin development environment against such built version?


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The easiest thing for you to do is to attach your plugin as a regular Java module to the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition project, similar to how other plugin modules (such as Git) are set up in the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition codebase. Then you'll be able to start PyCharm using the provided run configuration, and it will load your plugin.


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