Maven Debug does not stop at breakpoints

I just started using IntelliJ 7.0.3 to try it out.

In the Maven project view, I'm doing right-click Debug on install in the LifeCycle, but it doesn't stop at any of my breakpoints.

In the Debugger view, I get the message:
"Disconnected from the target VM, address: '', transport: 'socket'

The port is different every time.

I'm using an external MAVEN_HOME and the Maven Runner also uses the external Maven.

The breakpoints are big red dots with red(pink) highlight over the line of code.

Am I using this wrong?

Please let me know...


Clara Ko

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Thanks for you reply.

After reading the Jira issue and the duplicate, it seems that the workaround is to not fork in the surefire plugin.

Will this be fixed soon? It may not be feasible to not fork for the tests.



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We'll try to fix it, but I can not say how soon it will be.
Probably by 8.0 release.


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