building a language plugin:where/how to begin?

I'm interested in the Actioscript (Flex) Plugin of IDEA. As far as I can see this code lives in the JavaScript Plugin (right?).

Now here's what I'd like to do:
1. Make a new project based on the sources of the JavaScript Plugin
2. Build the project

Since most of the entry level documentation is outdated I could use some help. The best would be, if somebody could explain it step by step. Here are some of the questions during those steps...

Q1.) I've downloaded the sdk from Does it have to be installed somewhere specific? Are there any libraries that IIDEA needs access to? Or can I just use the sources from the samples and demos?

Q2.) How should I create a project
-- "create project from scratch"
-- "create from existing sources"

Q3.) Where in the path is the entry point for referencing the existing sources of "JavaScriptLanguage"?

Q4.) If the Project is created and open in IIDEA do I have to reference any specific libraries?

This is probably pretty basic stuff. Any help would be appreciated though. thanks :)

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As to where to begin, I'd say in the "Open API and Plugin Development" Forum at


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ok, I've moved (copied) the thread into the openapi and plugin dev forum:

see you there ;)


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