[Debug action] Add a watch action

* @author a plugin dev noob

Good morning,

I've followed the tutorial to add a custom action in 'Tools' menu bar. It works perfectly.

Now, i'm trying to do the same on the debug watch actions (my goal).
I have declare the group-id 'Debugger.WatchesPanelPopup' but my custom action is never displayed...

Plugin.xml :

<action id="myCustomAction" class="com.my.package.MyCustomAction" text="MyCustomAction" description="My custom action">
    <add-to-group group-id="Debugger.WatchesPanelPopup" anchor="first"/>

I've tried to extend MyCustomAction to :
- 'AnAction' as the 'Tools' custom action sample
- 'XWatchesTreeActionBase' as the XRemoveAllWatchesAction from IntelliJ Sources.

An idea ? :)


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This action group was used by the old debugger UI and is no longer valid. The new group ID is "XDebugger.Watches.Tree.Popup".

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Perfect. It works.
Thanks a lot :)


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