Plug-ins and their settings

I've installed the Character Browser plug-in yesterday. Today I wondered why my project file has changed; I could not remember to have changed anything of the project configuration. Well, the Character Browser plug-in added its font setting to the project file. IMHO it is a common misconcept that a couple of plug-ins write their user-settings (aka machine or user dependent) to the project file. If some other user does not use this plug-in (finally it is not needed for project development) or prefer other fonts (or potential other platforms), conflicts are inherent.

The result is, that we move our project files to a "do not commit!" change set, which should not be the project file purpose.


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... should save its log file history better in the .iws file rather than globally. It's annoying to always having the pick the right log file before being able to process a stacktrace, because in 90% of the cases it is the wrong one.


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