Expression types of embedded language in MultiplePsiFilesPerDocumentFileViewProvider?

Okay, another question about MultiplePsiFilesPerDocumentFileViewProvider.  As I've mentioned in previous posts here, my custom language plugin supports JSP-style templating markup where custom tags and expressions can be used inside of HTML documents.  Overall this is working quite well thanks to the guidance of this community!  However, I'm hitting one issue that I imagine has to have been resolved in IDEA's own JSP support, but of course that's not part of the open source offering so I can't see how it works.

Basically if an expression from the embedded language is used in Javascript, the Javascript interpreter has has no idea what to make of it (I imagine it may not even "see" it) and gives a parse error, e.g.:

  var myVariable = {!someExpressionFromInternalLanguage};

Is there some way to convey to the "outer" language (in this case, Javascript but also HTML and even CSS) the evaluated expression type from the embedded language?

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