How to listen changes of xml attributes in xml files?

I know how to listen changes in file in general

VirtualFileManager.getInstance().addVirtualFileListener(new VirtualFileAdapter(){
  public void
beforeContentsChange(VirtualFileEvent event) {

But how to listen changes of xml tag specifically? For example

Before change:
<tag id="1"/>

After change:
<tag id="2"/>

VirtualFileManager.getInstance().addVirtualFileListener(new VirtualXmlFileAdapter(){

  public void beforeXmlAttributeChange(String oldValue/*==1*/, String newValue/*==2*/) {
    super.beforeXmlAttributeChange(oldValue, newValue);
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You can use PsiTreeChangeListener to detect changes in the PSI tree. There is no API to add listeners to specific kinds of changes such as changes in XML attributes; you need to analyze the PsiTreeChangeEvent instances yourself and understand whether they describe a change that is relevant for your plugin.


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