How to create a custom idea distribution?


I'd like to create a distribution of idea CE with a bundled python-community plugin and our propriatory plugin (to eliminate plugin installation step) for Windows with a bundled jre. As I understand, there are two options (please, correct me if I am missing something):

1. Build or download a zip distribution, add 'jre' directory with its contents to it, add both plugins to a 'plugins' directory. I was able to build a zip from the idea community sources but it would be much simpler to use a prebuilt distribution to make sure that nothing is missed and a stable revision was used for the build. Unfortunately, I was able to find a downloadable zip distribution of ideaIU only. Is there a downloadable for the latest release?

2. Modify layouts.gant and build .exe installer from sources. I haven't found any documentation on how to build the installer. Should I use latest nsis with the build/nsis/idea.nsi? There's NsiFiles ant task - is there any ant target which builds installer?



The Community Edition distribution is unfortunately not built as a ZIP archive. You can simply install an .exe distribution and then package the installed files.

The build script for the installer is currently not part of the Community Edition distribution. We plan to move it to the Community Edition codebase, but unfortunately I don't have any ETA for this.


Has there been any progress on this?


Andrew Strauss Please see scripts in build/scripts/


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