Managing Plugin Versions


I would like to know if there's a recommended versioning scheme for plugins. In particular, I have a plugin which, with the same functionality and nearly same codebase, I want to release for IDEA 5, 6 and 7. I've already refactored the code so that a minimum of the source is impacted when I must switch from one to another. However, I hesitate when it comes to the packaging.

For example, I've released version 1.0 for IDEA 7 based on the latest OpenAPI and JDK 1.6. Now, I would like to release the same code (with a few tweaks to comply to previous OpenAPI versions). It should still be version 1.0, but is there a standard of some sort to identify that it's a different flavour?

I know that the since-build and until-build attributes can be used to limit the IDEA versions that are covered. But I'd like something more visual for someone downloading the archive from the plugins repository.

Any suggestions?



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Any suggestions whatsoever?? I have a hard time believing I'm the only wondering about this. Anyone from Jetbrains?

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Just release multiple plugins, one for each IntelliJ version you plan to support. Like this:
- MyPlugin for IntelliJ 6
- MyPlugin for IntelliJ 7

Then you would have no problem versioning them separately.

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Yes, I had thought of that. However, I would've like to avoid it since it would show up as 'n' number of plugins in the plugin directory (and via the Plugin Manager). It may just come to that, though.


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