debugger filter problem with WTK ( j2me)

i had this problem in an earlier version of IDEA, however there seemed to be no solution. (you may want to search for the post with my id on this forum)

now, since i am using IDEA v 7.0, i hope there has been some bug fixing done.

this is the problem:
while debugging j2me code, the filters specified in the debugger options do not work. suppose i put the breakpoint inside the paint() method of my Canvas implementation class, it would step into .class files such as Scheduler, Displayable, Canvas, etc.
the filers were specified as javax.*. i even tried putting a filter as *.class. this shouldn't have happened if the "do not step into classes" filters were working.

somebody had replied to the earlier post stating that the kvm might be ignoring the filter.

is there a possible solution or workaround to this problem?

intellij is a very good ide, if this problem can be solved then it would be even better :)

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