[ANN] Maven-Archetypes Plug-in version 1.0.2

Maven-Archetypes Plug-in version 1.0.2 is available for download
using IDEA's internal Plugin Manager or directly from the IDEA plug-ins
website at http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=17890.


1. Downgrading java version to 1.5 (to be compatible for Mac users);
2. Changing appfuse version to 2.0.1;
3. Separating archetypes.xml file from jar file (make it avalilable for user modifications).

How to use it inside IDEA editor:

1. Select Working Directory;
2. Select archetype group;
3. Select archetype;
4. Enter groupId, artifactId, version for your project;
5. Click on "Create Archetype" button. New project will be generated in the working directory.

Alexander Shvets

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Would it be possible to make your plugin able to create modules and not projects ? I guess it would get more users that way

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what do you mean? Please provide more details about your proposal.


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I think what he means is : can you create new - maven - modules inside an existing - IntelliJ IDEA - project with it ? If not, will it be supported ?

By the way : I'm having serious troubles with this plugin and last EAP (build #7613), but I'm not sure whether it's me not being able to use it correctly or IntelliJ IDEA's fault ;)


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